Honing for
perfect bores

The process of bore honing has become increasingly important in the course of time. Increased requirements in terms of the surface quality, shape and dimensional accuracy and especially the high profitability of honing compared with other processing methods had decisively contribute to this case. With honing you can edit almost all materials very cost-effective.

During the honing process the honing tool moves along the longitudinal axis of the workpiece under permanent surface touching rotating in the bore. Simultaneous hub- and rotational movement create a cross-grinding. The terms honing and cross-grinding are often used as a synonym.

During the honing process the tool itself centered in the workpiece. The material will remove at the narrowest point first and after that the material removal completely takes place at the full diameter. The position of bore can’t be changed by honing.

Here is just a small
excerpt of some honed workpieces:

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