Our\n[b]quality honing tools[/b]\nfor your success

quality honing tools
for your success

H7 hontechnik has focused on trade, production and modification of honing tools and entire honing systems. We’re able to provide over 16,000 different honing tools within a very short time. 6,000 current stones, mandrels etc. are constantly in stock.

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About us
H7 hontechnik

We are mainly focused on honing tools from Sunnen or similar systems (for example Delapena). On request, we can also supply or produce tools from other manufacturers. For this we usually require detailed information about the honing tool, the honing machine, the workpiece and the machining requirements.

Note: We may be restricted in our use of the term "Sunnen" on our website for trademark reasons. We therefore use the term original equipment manufacturer, or the abbreviation OEM. We guarantee, as the name suggests, that these are original tools from the said manufacturer.

Here you find our assortment of [b]honing tools from OEM (Sunnen)[/b]

Do you need OEM honing tools? But it may also be cheaper? Then our used OEM tools could be interesting for you. These are overhauled and fully functional.

Here you find our assortment of [b]used honing tools from OEM (Sunnen)[/b]

We also offer our in-house honing tools (ratiohone/H7 hontechnik). These are compatible with OEM tools or machines, much cheaper and usually available immediately. Furthermore, here are for example for one honing stone all combinations of grit size and bond hardness possible without additional cost. One stone - one price!

Here you find our assortment of [b]honing tools from H7 hontechnik[/b]

To achieve perfect honing results it is important to use honing oil and filters.

Here you find our assortment of [b]honing oil, filters and coarse powder[/b]

Do you reach your limit in a machining task while working with regular tools? Including our long-standing experience, we can offer solutions for many common honing problems. It is also possible to supply customized solutions within a few weeks.

Here you find our assortment of [b]special honing tools[/b]

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